Checked It At The Door

Again, on the first day after my ground shaking, earth breaking decision to change... again, I sleep in. Growling with grumbles, today is not a day I want to deal with. Before 8 AM and I'm already done. I'm exhausted! Irritable! Am I the only one who feels this way?

I even went to bed at a decent time! Sure it was later than I wanted but earlier than normal. But even with more sleep I wake back more tired than before. I just want to give up. My legs are sore from Monday. My back, stiff from Tuesday. My mind is fluttering like an annoying gnat in a field of uncut grass in the summer. I'm quick to distract. I feel I've only had an hour of sleep. Tell me if you've had a day like this.

This litany of lamentations! Confronted with the negativity of this world surrounding me in Scirocco Sandstorms..

But winds also bring change.

Even in a maddening dust storm of doubt, I discover things I miss staring into the storm. Like I got up this morning. Even on the wrong side of the bed, grouchy with attitude up to my ears to a disaster of a house. I got up. Wouldn't the real disaster be if I had no place to house my family? And yes, John was being whiny, Emily was moaning, and Colin was groaning but Anne Marie came down and helped me get the family sorted when I felt like I was about to lose it. Did I even thank her for that?

And you know the perpetual traffic jam packed where I caught every red light? I made it to work and I even somehow was early. I don't know how but it worked out.

Man, why am I so down on myself? Now that I wrote this, I'm feel a lot more grateful for this day and looking forward even more to tomorrow. I guess there's something about counting your blessings and naming them one by one after all, right?

Talk about checking entitlement at the door.

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