Uncertified Wisdom

I made a friend today on the internet. What he's doing I think is beautiful.

He's underwent a one year transformation and documented his journey. Now that he's there, he's sharing his knowledge with others helping them also undergo a transformation. Way to go Flex. You can find him here on YouTube.

On one of his videos, he mentioned several people hating on him for giving body advice while not being a body builder. I commented on that video but am inclined to post an article to back it up with more detail.

You don't need a degree to make a point or to teach something of value. Especially not in this age. Maybe back when no one could read and libraries didn't exist but now, you are seconds away from doctoral knowledge.

What's more, we are so hyper connected, we can easy get high quality advice from anywhere from down the street to the other side of the world.

Sure degrees are nice, but they are simply no longer a requirement to make a ruckus and to create art.

So Create Art.

Make a ruckus. Share your knowledge and wisdom.

I don't have a degree in being a husband nor a father. I learn more about being better in both everyday and apply the skills liberally.

You just imperfect yourself until to are better than good. That's what makes your extraordinary.

Be Extraordinary!

Sometimes you might fumble the ball. So do superstars in the NFL. Basically, give what you have and grow along the way.

Everything that needs to be said has been said anyway. Fortunately no one was listening the first time.

Speak your wisdom. Create your art. Make your ruckus.

Way to go Flex!

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