4 Things I Learned At Rodeo Run 2016

I wanted to reflect on my 5k.

If your bring a partner, make sure they can keep up.

My 10 yr old daughter can run for miles.

Or so I thought...

I realized I was wrong by the third block when she was complaining about her sides. I was like, REALLY?! I kept encouraging her to go on but after 2 more blocks, she petered out.

So I picked her up and she piggy backed the next 5 blocks. That nearly killed me... but she was able to catch her breathe. Then she got down and started talking mess about how I couldn't keep up.


Run .5k at a Time

About 1 mile in, I started feeling it.Shins burned, legs ached, drenched in sweat... I started wondering if I could make it to the end.

That's when I remembered The journey up a mountain is one step at a time.

I started looking for short term goals that would enable me to reach my final goal. First I'd jog to the pole, then to the street light. It's the small victories that lead us to great success.

It's like a loaf of bread. By the loaf chokes but by the slice it's nice. Pretty soon I found myself at mile marker two. I was already half way done.

Might as well finish it.

Motivating Others Motivates You

By mile 2.5 I was struggling and so was my daughter. She was once again on my back!
My internal voice told me to take a rest.

I told my internal voice to shut up.

Then I told it I would finish this race, verbally. I hear a cheer behind me.

I realized we were all struggling. Why keep my motivations to myself when I could positively influence others.

So I started get motivational.

People responded to it. I got woots and I got yeahs! I even had a few speak words of motivation to me. It was pretty awesome.

There's a Party at the End

Did you know they give you free stuff at the end of these races? Bananas, water, protein snacks. There were also giveaways and prizes!

It was a party.

The race was an accomplishment and the after party was a force multiplier.

And that's how my weight loss journey has been too.

40 pounds down is a great accomplishment for me but man, when someone notices it, it sure is a great feeling!

It helped me realize I need to celebrate my victories more.

You get a real good view from cloud nine.


I still smile when I think about the 5k. It was really a great accomplishment for me and I encourage you to try it yourself.

Even if you can't jog all the way, just keep trucking. I did, and with a 75lb child on my back for a significant part of the journey.

It's not easy, but it's simple. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other until you hit that finish line. The interesting thing is... Most people don't stop there. They keep walking.

The same with weight loss. Once you hit you goal. Don't stop. Keep trucking.

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