Perfection Kills Pretty Good

The aim for perfection has sabotaged many people throughout history.


Why do we strive for perfection? If you know, please tell me.

Perfection is reserved for the Gods, it doesn't exist for us. If anything, it is an illusion, right?


Let's strive to do our best with what we have. Not THE BEST but rather OUR BEST or THE BEST "WE CAN" AT "THIS TIME".

If it isn't our best work, are we just then wasting our time? Aren't we also wasting the time for others?

And definitely share your best works with others. It will:

  1. Help others do better best works
  2. Help you do better best works

Because when you share your works, other may share their thoughts. Take that those thoughts and test them against your heart. The ones that ring true may help you produce your next best art.

Of course who you share your work with matters. Stick figures are masterpieces to 5 yr olds and object oriented design patterns is greek to most people.

Missing Your Mark

Sometimes your best will completely miss the mark. At least you fired your arrow. What's more, by missing, you don't fail. You just learn one more way that doesn't work and that bring you closer to the goal.

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