Make It Worth Your While

Anything worth doing is worth doing poor.

Anything worthwhile takes works and it takes a while.

Work With Your Worst

Work with what you have, but start now.

Start with your worst. Start with your most unprepared attempt. It's okay.

And it's okay if you don't make it. It's okay if you don't figure it out the first time.

Think About It

Did you quit after your first fall learning to walk?

Did you give up after your first time you wrote the alphabet wrong?

Did you quit after the first time you got the answer wrong learning math?

The point is, imperfect your path towards progress. Stop waiting for perfect conditions to start.

Do Something With It

I feel someone needs to hear this:

I know you're starved for time but you also hate the way you feel. Find 5 minutes. Do push ups on your knees. try for 10, take a break, try for 10, take a break.

I know you hear 5 minutes can't counteract sitting at your desk all day. And I know right now you can't help the fact you are stuck to your desk all day.

Take the 5 minutes and do something with them.

If the 5 minutes is all you have right now, that 5 minutes is enough! Take it, do something with it. Do something with it today.

What Does It Change?

I was there. I told myself, what's the point? It's only 5 minutes. I told myself it's only 10 minutes. I told myself it's only 30 minutes. I told myself it's only an hour. What can I do in a hour that will change me?

And I found out. 1 hour of doing nothing, changes nothing.

But 5 minutes of action, of making one change. Of doing one extra thing. Of replacing one worse habit for one better habit.

That changes everything.

Your Little While

Sometimes you may have only a little while. Remember to make that little while, worth your while.

And while you put in the work, write a record of it. It's worth it.

Because, when you're in the middle of working your while. You may miss the worth you are accumulating in those whiles you have worked.

But when you write down the work you worked in your whiles, you will discover your work has much worth. You will find it worth while.

You Are Worth It

Remember, You Are Worth It!

You are worth the work!

You are worth the wait!

You are worth the challenge before victory!

Now go. Imperfect your way toward progress.

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