How Macarios lost 71 lbs

Recently in the Gamer for Weight Loss group, one member had a wonderful announcement to make. Originally at 340, Macarios is now at 269 pounds. That is amazing!

I just had to know what he did to accomplish such a feet. He provided 3 keys to his success. I want to share and comment on them here.

1. He Removed Junk Food From His House

It's so important to remove the negative temptations from your life where you can. You see, it takes willpower each and every time you actively resist temptation What's more, we all only have a certain amount of it.

Sure, it grows over time with practice but keeping junkfood around your house really stacks the conditions against you in an already difficult journey.

I mean, how much energy do you expend resisting surrounded?! You will burn out so quick. It's only so long most people can stare at a donut before it's down the gullet.

If you're a recovering mindless snack muncher like myself, try this instead. Keep highly nutritious, low caloric whole foods in the kitchen and make junk food hard to obtain. When snacking, don't bring the bag with you, make a serving, then put up the rest before you begin snacking.

That way, you have to go though extra steps to get a second helping. Maybe those extra steps will be enough to not chase seconds but hey, if you do, at least it's a cognitive, mindful choice instead of an mindless impulse.

Another thing, if you find yourself repeatedly compelled to buy junk food at the store, make sure you have a nutritious meal before you go out. It'll help you resist the urge. While there, consider listening to a soothing soundtrack while shopping. That way, if you are junk food triggered, the music can help calm you, enabling you to resist those urges and giving you permission to tell yourself no.

One more thing, when picking up groceries, when in doubt, leave it out. You can always go back to the store and pick it up later. This happened from time to time while discovering a diet that doesn't deprive you, but enables you toward your goals.

2. He Eats Only Chicken and Broccoli for Dinner

This is easy for some yet impossible for others, In the beginning of my weight loss journey, I tried meal prep and by day 3, I was sick of the same old thing. Of course, now I can go 5 days with no problems. My kids are even getting used to it. I called this being nutritiously boring in the past. It's a skill like everything else and I think it's a great skill if you really are serious in losing weight.,

It's also great for meal prep because you can fix 5 days worth of food for just a little bit longer than 1, then you have 4 days of freed time to do more, like game, play, or workout. Once I discovered how much more time I had prepping nutritiously boring meals, I fell in love.

3. He Works Out

Bodies are meant to move. So move. Even walking the block is a huge improvement from nothing. Prioritize a time to move. Still water breeds poison.

We know sitting for hours on end is bad for you Dedicate some time to move, Get up and stretch. Get the blood pumping and help flush the built up toxins. Combine that with drinking more water and you'll be well on your way to a healthier lifestyle.

What tips do you have for losing. I'd love to hear them. Let me know in the comments below and don't forget to subscribe or follow me to keep up with my personal progress. Thanks for reading this. Cheers!

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